“You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.”

C.S. Lewis

Truer words have never been said.


Hello and Welcome to The Fiery One!

The Fiery One

My name is Elizabeth Aedyn, a creative entrepreneur, and chronic illness warrior. I like poetry, sword-fighting, and talking about 16th-century clothing. I believe in wearing black year round, in the soul soothing comfort of a cup of tea, and that everything is better with red lipstick. 

This is a space where I share my favorite things:

What You Will Find Here:

Do you want to read more books, or fall back in love with them after going your separate ways? This is the place for you. Once upon a time, I read a lot of books, so many in fact that my school librarians gave me an award. And then school made it boring and sucked the joy out. So, this year I am reclaiming my love of literature! This year I start a new reading challenge, and I’ll blog about the books I’m reading. You can also join me on Goodreads and read along!

Do you have food allergies or restrictions that make eating stressful? Do you wish that all the delicious food you used to eat was available again? I and most of my family have some pretty heavy food restrictions due to allergies. So after spending the last few years trying to make all our favorite foods “safe” to eat, I’m ready to share them with you here! Eventually, I’d like to expand to doing video cook-a-longs on youtube!

If you’re anything like me, your Dream Closet board on Pinterest is hundreds of pins long and none of it is affordable or in your closet currently. I’m starting a new series on how to get the looks you want in an affordable manner. I’ll also be sharing my tips for thrift shopping and some easy sew-a-longs for creating the perfect wardrobe.

What’s a budget? How do you do taxes? How do I save money living paycheck to paycheck? These are all questions I had, and frankly, there are a ton of resources out there, but not all of them make sense. I want to break some “Adulting 101” topics down and really get into what self-care means. 

Boise Idaho | The Fiery One Co

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Who am I?

I am a person with an [unknown] chronic illness doing my best to live a full and rich life. I am an artist and an entrepreneur. I live in the Boise area of Idaho, and while potatoes are fantastic, that isn’t the only thing we do here. My husband Daniel and I live with our cat Lily, and our longtime friend and roommate Kyle. The three of us swordfight together and are working on our Knighthoods with the Adrian Empire in our local chapter Gaelacia. I post about it here, and on social media! Come check it out.


When Things Feel Out of Control: 5 Tips to Relax and Destress | The Fiery OneFearless and Flourishing

I believe it’s especially important to take care of ourselves, body and mind. I am an advocate for mental health and believe in the importance of true self-care; in learning and developing habits that work FOR you for the betterment of your everyday life. Sometimes we are afraid to try to new things because of our fear of failure. But I’m going to let you in on a little secret: being fearless doesn’t mean to not have fear, or to not be afraid. Being fearless means that you reach your goals in spite of your fears, which is how we learn to flourish and grow.  


Connect with me!

If you want to learn more, feel free to contact me or chat with me on social media. I look forward to getting to know you! You can also join the community and learn what you can do to live a better life, face your fears, and grow in body and soul. I hope this message finds you happy and healthy.



Elizabeth Aedyn | The Fiery One


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