Where I’ve Been and What to Expect Now


Hello, Loves.

Once again I up and disappeared. I am deeply sorry for that, and it certainly wasn’t fair to do without warning. I’d like to explain a bit about where I went, what happened, and what to expect on The Fiery One in the future.

Some of you may know that my husband and I had several roommates, very good friends of ours who were more like family. We lived together for a few years. When it became time to renew our lease this spring, our management company had raised the prices (for everyone) an exorbitant amount, which also made it some of the most expensive living in the area we live in. We could no longer afford it and thus were required to move. We have moved (for one reason or another) every year my husband and I have been married, so packing up our lives wasn’t a new task, and it also wasn’t difficult. The problem lied in finding a new place to live that we could afford. Our friends found a place easily, so that was a huge weight off our shoulders. But for the rest of us, the housing where we live is cutthroat. There are too many people and not enough affordable places to live. It’s all but impossible to rent a one bedroom apartment; I’ve heard college friends say it took 3 years to get to the top of the waiting list.


After months of searching, we finally got our new place. Our internet wouldn’t be connected until a full month after we moved in, which is why I’m just now getting around to writing this. We are unpacked and settled in, now all I have left to do is decorate. Slowly, but surely, we are making this place home. Our current plan is to live here for the next few years and build our lives without the seemingly endless cycle of pack – unpack – freeze over the winter – and pack again.

What this means for you: As someone with very few spoons most days, this means I do not have to devote my energy to moving again anytime soon, and thus I will have more to devote to The Fiery One. I really want to take this blog places, and I hope that you will join me for the journey. The next few weeks will be primarily dedicated to a fresh start here, which may include a new theme and certainly new posts. I feel like my lack of free time to invest in this blog has left it stuck in between different incarnations of what I wanted it to be, and none of them had the opportunity to be realized fully. Equally important to me is what you want out of The Fiery One. Do you have any requests? Do you have any concerns? I want to create content for you and I both, so any feedback you have would be lovely.

It is my goal to get everything updated and to post more regularly. Thank you for reading!


Elizabeth Aedyn

Written by Elizabeth Aedyn
Hello and welcome! My name is Elizabeth. Twenty-something, married with a cat, Idaho Native, and chronic illness warrior. I like poetry, sword-fighting, and talking about 16th-century clothing, especially all in the same day. I believe in wearing black year round, in the soul soothing comfort of a cup of tea, and that everything is better with red lipstick. You can find me across the internet at @fieryoneco, I'd love to chat with you! Thank you for stopping by, I hope you like it here.